just a note for you hardcore spnl fans! this blog radio show, blogtalkradio.com, hosted by WinchesterBros.com, recaps, brings to light & discusses more than an 1 hours worth of every episode! stay for the hour, listen later, or even join in the discussion but it’s a nice hour to spend talking about our favorite brilliant tv series!

after Frontierland’s showing next friday, a special guest star will answer questions about the night’s ep.   you do have to submit questions before the show!  director Guy Norman Bee will be on blogtalkradio.com,  april 22, 10:30 est.   if that is not enough to get you there…..  saturday, 7:30 est. april 23, visual effects person Ivan Hayden will be on the blogshow to talk about his new webseries, Divine, The Series. it is rumored that more of the cast & crew from spnl will also be on the webseries!  

as always…  keep hunting… SUPERNATURALLY!